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Shop Local San Antonio Loteria is Here!

Check this out San Antonio! Our Shop Local San Antonio Loteria Cards are here and ready to go! They are being distributed all throughout SA to our participating businesses, so go out there and pick one up! Our Mission is for businesses to gain new customers, followers and simply have fun! Shop Local San Antonio is here to support businesses in any way possible and with our very unique, first of its kind, Shop Local San Antonio Lotería, we can help bring out the best in all businesses all throughout San Antonio! Of course, for customers, you have chances to win prizes! Fun for everyone and supporting local businesses at the same time.

We have the rules and everyone's locations listed on the back of the Loteria Card so everyone knows what to expect when they come and visit or shop with you! Businesses must also share that they are one of the businesses participating in our Shop Local San Antonio Lotería, so customers can come and pick up a Loteria Card at your location.

Businesses also get a free membership to our super cool Shop Texas Best Business Directory! From there, businesses will be featured and shared on our Social Media platforms, our Magazines and so much more! We are here to be your community voice and help you in any way we can.

Remember, Inspiration 4 Life Covers the entire City of San Antonio, from North, South, East & West Sides of SA, going on 13 years next year when we relaunched as Inspiration 4 Life but going on 17 years, serving our communities of San Antonio, giving back through our outreach. We also highlight and showcase amazing stories throughout Texas and have our International Radio Station that broadcasts and Airs in 147 Countries Around the World. We are here for you!

We want to thank all of our participating businesses and sponsors. We could not have done this without you! You will be seeing more about all of them in our Inspiration 4 Life Magazines, Social Media platforms and so much more.

To sign up for our Shop Local San Antonio Loteria, it's only $50 total to participate and renewals are every quarter. We will also be purchasing Gift Cards from the participating businesses for prizes for customer’s chances to win! Once a card is filled, we will keep creating many different cards, just like the Lotería Cards. If you would like to participate in our Shop Local San Antonio Loteria, you will need to email for more information. This is going to be amazing for businesses in SA!

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