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Cleto's Come Back Show was a Great Success!

I had the great honor to be a part of Cleto's sold out, Come Back Show on Friday November 12th and it surely was a great success! It was the first night of his two day Showcase. Inspiration 4 Life Media, Broadcasting & Magazines is a Sponsor of Cleto Rodriguez's Shows at Las Chiladas, so we had our table front and center, right on the stage! At first, I thought we were part of the show. It was such a great experience to be there with our Team Members of Inspiration 4 Life. We had Team Members, Stephanie Chavez Garza, PR of I4L, also Owner of Love It Stefunny and Catherine Lorraine Garcia, Business Develpment & Outreach Director for I4L, Team Photographer and also Owner of CLG Medicare Solutions. I am truly thankful for them and they both do great work for our Communities of San Antonio. We are all fans of the awesome Cleto Rodriguez!

Cleto's audience was amazing and extremely supportive. He received a standing ovation at the end of his show and brought up his lovely wife, Lynette Rodriguez, on stage to thank her for endless support and love. He was also so thankful for the Owner of Las Chiladas and their full support. The Comedy Show was extremely hilarious and many had to wipe their tears from laughing so hard. Comedian Rose Aguilar Daniel was the Host of the Show, and Comedian Danielle Torres along with Comedian Speedy Gonzalez, shared their comedy and had plenty of laughs as well. It was very heartfelt during some moments of the Show, as Cleto shared his story about being a Covid patient survivor and being back on stage doing what he loves most. There were definitely many moments where he shared his love for his family. Cleto dedicated his Show to his father-in-law, who is now in heaven.

If you missed last night's Come Back Show, there will be a Show tonight, Saturday November 13th. You can arrive early at 7pm for dinner and the show begins promptly at 8pm. Las Chiladas is located at 2387 N.W. Miliary and you can get your tickets at


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