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Inspiration 4 Life Programs

Inspiration 4 Life is here to Serve, Educate, Promote Awareness, Inspire, Impact, Save and Change Lives through the many Free Programs we provide throughout our Organizations. Please consider Sponsoring our Causes to help Fund our “Heart of Gold” Organization. We truly shine in Giving Back!

*  Free Health, Fitness, Wellness & Sports Programs: Zumba, Personal Training, Boot Camps, Faith Fitness, Kids Fitness Programs Wellness Sessions, Self Esteem Workshops, Nutrition, CPR Education and more. These Programs are provided in collaboration with Schools, Churches, Organizations, Businesses and more. We have been providing Fitness Programs for SAMMinistries/Haven for Hope Homeless Residents since 2010. Our programs have helped impact the lives of children, teens, women, men and seniors since 2009.

*  Story Time Reading Program: This Program is to Educate through Reading and serves as a tool to help with Self Esteem and shyness. We incorporate Team Building skills and empower students with a Voice.

*  Radio/TV/Film Multi-Media Program: Inspiration 4 Life has a wide range of Multi-Medai Programs such as Radio, TV, Photography, Directing, Producing, Editing, Audio Production & Editing, Video Production, Film, Job/Volunteerism Skills and so much more. This Program is to help Students learn at an early age about this Industry and also to help educate and teach on the skills neccessar and focuses on a wide variety of taletns and abilities. We help the students emplement and understand what it takes through entrepreneurial skills and various projects.

*  Child, Teen, College/University Ambassador Program: This program gives Students the opportunity to volunteer with our Organization in any of our Programs to help with Leadership skills, for Community Service Hours and Scholarship Opportunities.

*  Student Scholarship Program: Awarded to students graduating from High School or are currently enrolled in a College/University, to help fund & further their Education. First Scholarship Awarded in April 2014.

*  iBelieveInMe Scholarship Program: Awarded to Adults who believe in themselves to go back to school and finish their College/University Education.

*  Young Leaders Scholarship Program: There are more and more young students who are leaders and business savvy. This Program is to educate students, on opening a Savings Account and save towards their College/University Education. Scholarships will be awarded to young students from Elementary and Middle School.

*  Fitness Scholarship Program: Awarded to Team or Community Members who have volunteered in our Fitness programs. We help provide Zumba or Trainer Certifications to upcoming new Instructors. First Fitness Scholarship Awarded in April 2014.

*  Radio 4 A Cause: Our 24/7 International Internet Radio Airwaves are open to Non Profits, Small Businesses and Radio Shows to serve as their Voice to help with their Causes. Radio Airtime is also opened up to Elementary, Middle and High School Students to create Programs to help with Communication Skills, Self Esteem, working in Group settings, Interview opportunities, open up about Awareness topics “On Air” to help build future Leaders of our Communities. Radio 4 A Cause will also open up our Airwaves to Veterans and Facilities of Special Needs to give them the platform and serve as their Voice on all Awareness needs.

*  Your Voice Productions: Short Films and Documentaries filmed about the lives of everyday heroes in our communities of San Antonio. Show the behind the scenes of what it takes to spend a day in ones shoes. From Our Veterans, Special Needs, Non-Profits, Unsung Heroes, Philanthropist, Small Businesses, Business Leaders, Children/Teens Community Service actions, San Antonio Celebrities and so much more. This is the impact that will help tell the stories for so many in San Antonio and bring funding to so many, whether for their Non Profit or for their Business. This will help Empower and Inspire everyone to be the best they can be and believe all things are possible. We help make Dreams become Reality.

*  Bold and Beautiful Women’s Society: BBWS is a society for women of all walks of life to come together during our luncheons, special engagements, networking events and more to share our goals, dreams, aspirations, visions, survival stories, bring awareness about life battles and provide friendship for healing, through our toughest times in life. This is also a great place for you to grow with us. Especially for our Business Women to Network during our Luncheons and Events. Our society utilizes our funds to continue bringing people together, for families in need, dealing with any life awareness battles, Scholarships to help further student’s education or to help fund the Non Profit Programs of Inspiration 4 Life. For more information, please visit

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