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Our Journey

Inspiration 4 Life has reached new heights in our Journey! From Elite Fitness and Wellness Group in 2005, transforming to Inspiration 4 Life Community Outreach Organization in 2009 and Inspiration 4 Life International Broadcasting on Internet Radio, TV and Web, to Inspiration 4 Life reaching over 146 Countries Around the World! We must never forget our original roots as Leading Free Health, Fitness and Wellness to the Communities of San Antonio. This is also one of our key components to Inspiration 4 Life.

Our Mission, Vision and Purpose will always be about Giving Back, Impacting, Saving and Changing Lives. We are proud of all of our Accomplishments since 2005 and will continue to help bless those in need, through our Community Projects, put together by Inspiration 4 Life or helping out other Organizations in need of our help.

Radio, TV and Web is now another way we give back to our communities and to our listeners around the World. Our demographic reach is World Wide to over 146 Countries, Inspiration 4 Life is also part of the Mayor's Fitness Council in San Antonio and we also have Child, Teen and University Ambassadors. This way our reach is also in our Schools and Universities. This is a Powerful way to reach the lives of those who are being affected in daily life struggles and it’s through the stories, interviews, highlights, education, “Live Shows”, Guests and so much more that we are able to provide the Hope and Inspiration for one’s life. This is how we save and change lives.  It’s all about coming together and making a difference, through the many Partnerships from San Antonio and around the World!

I am so excited about our Music that is played 24/7 on Inspiration 4 Life Radio. We have so many great Independent Musicians from San Antonio and also from Around the World! Inspiration 4 Life Radio is open to All Genres of Music, Christian, R & B, Country, Tejano, Jazz, Soft Rock, Rock, Rythm & Blues and more, that is Inspirational or has a positive message. If you are an Independent Musician and would love to have your Music played on our Station, we would love for you to Submit your music to us. 

I want to thank every single member who has been part of our journey from the beginning, to this very day. Once you are part of Inspiration 4 Life, you are Always part of Inspiration 4 Life because you all have the Heart of Gold!

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Get Inspired! Be Inspired! Stay Inspired!

Rita Hernandez-Founder, Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, Radio/TV Host & Personality of Inspiration 4 Life Radio, TV and Web

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