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About Inspiration 4 Life


Not only is Inspiration 4 Life Radio heard in San Antonio, but around the World! Our Segments on Inspiration 4 Life Radio are Powerful, Uplifting, Inspiring and will Empower a  person to be the best they can be for themselves and their loved ones. We make it a Priority to take Inspiration 4 Life, where ever there is a need to help get the word out, on the awareness or event that is taking place in our community, city or around the world.  We have an unlimited list of topics and Segments on Inspiration 4 Life Radio. Here are just a few. We cover Health, Fitness, Wellness, Charity Events, Awareness Events, Community and City Events, Local Heroes of Inspiration-Heart of Gold©, Healthy Side of SA©, The Healthy Side of Life©Project Hope & Inspiration©, Business Showcase, Highlight on Churches, Schools and Universities, Highlight on Musicians and Athletes, Sports, Women Connected, Men Connected, Child and Teen Ambassadors, Ways to Cope from All Issues, Finances, Job Connection, Topics on Love for Married Couples and Singles, Spiritual Teachings, Many ways to find Success and Happiness, All Aspects of Life and many other rotating Segments. We have Independent Musicians with Professional Quality Music on 24/7. Inspiration 4 Life Radio is Partnering with others to Create new Programs that will benefit the City of San Antonio and also to our Listeners from around the World!


Inspiration 4 Life, is for anyone and all to be part of. It is for any woman, man, teen and child, young and old, that can find this Organization useful to them. We have Child Ambassadors, Teen Ambassadors, College/University Ambassadors and many great Volunteers, who help in our Organization, for Scholarship Opportunities. Inspiration 4 Life is an affiliate program to the Dream Center San Antonio-Non Profit and is part of the San Antonio’s Mayor’s Fitness Council. With 24/7 International Broadcasting on Internet Radio, iTunes, Free Tune In Radio APP, Live Radio Remotes, Motivational Speaking throughout City, Monthly Community Events, Community Partners and more, our demographic reach is Citywide and Inspiration 4 Life Radio has reached over 146 counties, Around the World!  We are dedicated to provide inspiration, hope and motivation to all those who seem to have lost their way in life. There are no barriers to the events and issues we will cover to help restore inspiration and hope, for a person or family. It will be through inspirational and motivational seminars on success in life, faith, health issue awareness, fitness boot camps for healthier living, chair massages to relieve stress, nutritional information, nutritional recipes, meetings at different restaurants for fun and fellowship, food tasting, showcases of others talents, guest speakers, fundraisers, clothing drives, feed the homeless, food drives, charity events for the communities, issues on all aspects of life and so much more. These events will all focus on living a happy, positive and a healthy lifestyle. Being happy is part of living a healthy life and we want to help inspire everyone to live a happy and healthy life, even through our daily struggles. We are also here to help motivate and inspire others to accomplish and fulfill ones dreams. To be able to help one speak up for what one believes in and be able to help find the roots and cause of pain and fears one has encountered in their lives and overcome them. Dreams will be accomplished through our Organization because of the inspiration and hope we will instill in ones life. Members can get involved and help out with good causes that will impact San Antonio and where ever the Lord calls us. This will help build wonderful friendships and make a difference, one person or family at a time. We want to make great memories for everyone and their lives and how they can become a better person for themselves and their families. This Organization will be a great place to meet new friends, share your talents, open new doors and have fun! Be prepared to be inspired and motivated. This may be the moment you have been waiting for to step out in faith, even if it is just having faith in yourself! Come and make this your new home.

Experience – Many of Inspiration 4 Life Organization Events are free and open to the public. We have monthly meetings for Group Members, we have Guest Speakers, we have many events that involve outreach and help out many in our communities, seminars and so much more. Through various seminars, you get to experience life changing events and you will learn about doing “good works“, the way the Lord has called us all to do. Check out our calendar page for all opportunities.

Volunteer – Inspiration 4 Life needs willing volunteers to help us out in any time of need. If you would like to assist with any of our various events, simply contact us to see how you can get involved! You don’t have to be a member of the Organization to volunteer.

Donate-Partnership Sponsors – If you have been blessed by our Organization and would like to donate, you can visit our "Donate" tab for your kind contribution.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

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